What can I expect afer I place an order for a used machine?

Our fulfillment process is completely transparent. Once you place your order, you will get an automated confirmation and a followup from our staff within 24 hours. Our staff will share images of the actual machine you will be getting and a video of the testing procedure. Once you approve the order, we then package and ship it to you and charge your card. You are always in complete control throughout the process and can cancel anytime before shipping. We make sure of this because it is expensive for us to return products from the other side of the county.

What happens if I receive a damaged or defective item?

In short, you are protected! Your only responsibility is to inspect the packaging before you sign for it and note any obvious visible damage to the packaging; there will be an opportunity to do so. Furthermore, you need to contact us as soon as possible about the damage. Reporting it weeks later will complicate matters with our freight carriers and delay any resolution.

Can I purchase an extended warranty?

Yes, you can. However, extended warranties are only available for refurbished products. We don’t overhaul, what we call “remanufacture,” our used machines, so we cannot offer such extended coverage on used gym equipment. If you are looking to place your purchase in a commercial environment, we urge you to purchase refurbished and protect your investment with an extended warranty.