Professional Gym Equipment Appraisals by Gymdok.

Your Exercise Equipment Appraisal Needs:

For what ever reason needed I can provide a professional apprasial of your exercise equipment within 7 business days.  New lease, collateral for a loan, trading in equipment to buy new, insurance, bank financing, auctions, selling your club, closing down, selling just a few pieces or a portion of your equipment,  bank repo’s and appraisals.  I can do it all, in what ever format you need.


I have been buying and selling used fitness equipment for over 22 years. Gymdok has a database of over 5000 pieces of cardio and strength equipment and 160,000 sales to pull from to put together the best gym equipment appraisal for you in a timely fashion.  I have also prepared 100’s gym appraisals for professional groups and gym owners over the last 20 years.

Whats Included with your Fitness Equipment Appraisal.      

A gym equipment appraisal gives asset valuation on ALL removable and reusable fitness center equipment.  Including:  All used fitness equipment.  Lockers, weights and dumbbells, weightroom, cardiovascular equipment,  and aerobics flooring,  audio visual and computer systems.  

I will give you a report in Excel format with the “whole sale” and “retail’ price of your used equipment.  I can also include and auction sale price based on your location. These prices are based on what Gymdok buys and sells used fitness equipment for at this time.

If you need to remove the equipment i can get you transportation costs to remove the equipment.

I am also available for phone consultations at no charge to any customer or their clients.

Whats the Cost of a Gym Equipment appraisal.

  • 1-25 line items.  $99
  • 25-100 line items. $199
  • 100-200 line items $299
  • More than 200 line items $399
  • A line item for example could be either 1 machine or 10 of the same machine (10 stairmasters).

What do I need to get Started:

I will need your list in excel format with make, model, manufacturer, condition,  approximate date of purchase,  and what ever description you need added.  

Your contact information.

Picture or a short video emailed to me will also help with the evaluation.